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International Orders —

We ship your Noori®V01 worldwide with the special offer bellow:



Exclusive International Package

01 Noori® V01 model* (complete) + Noori® Extender Kit + Noori® Ember shield Noori® Rain Cover
You will receive at your Door our Noori V01 model with all available accessories. The Noori® Extender Kit (Extra half-moon grate + 3 stainless steel axles). The Noori® Ember shield to avoid unwanted ember drops on your floor.(Enamelled Steel). The Noori® Rain Cover to protect against rain.

Our global price for Europe > € 2.400,00 and for U.S. and Canada > USD 2.650,00,

(all shipping costs (Door to Door) and all custom taxes are included)
*Currently only the Stone (white concrete) model is available.

For ASIA, AUSTRALIA and AFRIKA countries please ask us for a quotation at





US & Canada Pack  
Noori V01 US & Canada Pack + Shipping + Customs Taxes included
Europe Pack  
Noori V01 Europe Pack + Shipping + Customs Taxes included